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✨Reiki Services✨


✨💫霊気 Reiki💫✨ = Universal Life Energy

Your body is capable of healing itself; when you get a cut your system goes to work to regenerate the cells and heal itself. If you were to sit and meditate, you could speed up your own healing process. 


Reiki practice is like an external battery pack of that same energy, a connection to Source, channeling energy for your body to do what it naturally does on its own.


As a Reiki practitioner, I become like a straw between Source and the individual, or a cable between the battery pack and the phone to allow the energy to be transferred and used wherever that person needs it the most. In person, I use a hands-on technique to transfer the energy, in order to support emotional or physical healing. At a distance, I use a special technique and intention to support healing over a virtual call.

I have formally studied the art of Reiki under the masterful guidance of CC Barber ( since March of 2023. CC is an Energy Consultant/Guide/Teacher. Versed in the ways of: Practical Magic Mentorship, Akashic Records, Energy Alchemy, and Sacred Shamanism.


She is also a Reiki Master who practices:


✨Usui Shiki Ryoho

✨Usui/Tibetan Reiki

✨Holy Fire Reiki


She has taught me the sacred art of Reiki & other cross cultural energy concepts, responsibly, while honoring its origins & from a guided scope of decolonization awareness & practices.


While the intention in Reiki practice is to create a balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual person, the individual experience may vary depending on what a person needs the most to create that balance.


If you cannot afford the cost at this time please let me know. I offer a variety of community sessions where I can still arrange to see you for no cost! Reiki is a gift I choose to share ✨

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