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Reiki Explained: Dhru & Jeff Yukikazu Sera Debunk Myths for Analytical Minds

Jeff Yukikazu Sera, Food 4 Thought, E4 S1

The Transformative Power of Self Discovery with Jeff Sera

Third Eye Opening Moment

embracing relaxation and clarity in your business

Laughing and Learning with Jeff. Recipes for Resilience and personal expression

Wisdom From An Empath-Navigating Solitude With Sensitivity And Discernment

Discussing Childhood Trauma...
with the source!

Reducing stress over the holidays

Healing the body, mind and soul

to live an abundant life! 

the importance of positive self-talk,
Business Relationships and Self-Confidence

shattering self-limiting beliefs and embracing self-mastery for holistic healing

Self-mastery to eliminate limiting
beliefs and self-sabotage

Asian American Lens: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Discovery with Jeff Sera 

Ensuring your Referral Partners

Know how to Refer You

Thinking Differently with
guest Jeff Sera

Holistic Ways to achieve Better Sleep

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