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I have compassion in my ability to empathize with my clients. The openness you bring to our session will allow me to deeply empathize and envision what it is like to walk in your shoes as YOU. The more you share, the better I can support you!

I genuinely care about YOU, YOUR goals, and helping to achieve them. Where there is a will, there is a way and I am committed to helping YOU accomplish whatever YOU would like to achieve.

I promise to always be authentic, and tell it like it is. I custom tailor my conversations to each interaction, so that you are open and receptive to my guidance. I will never lie to you or just tell you what you want to hear. 


After years of running from my own issues, traumas, and shortcomings, I finally found the courage to turn the focus inward and dive into shadow-work. Shadow-work is the work we do internally with our sub-conscious, to uncover parts of ourselves that are hidden in the shadows and repressed. It brings about immense self-awareness that leads to a path of conscious healing.

Through the practice of shadow work I have uncovered 5 stages to healing: acceptance, awareness, forgiveness, acceptance again, and being comfortable revisiting our past trauma, over and over again. 


Since healing my major wounds through the stages I've shared above, I have become aware of my self-sabotaging habits. I have understood why I would dodge accountability, blame my circumstances or project insecurities onto those around me. I also discovered that I was taking away all of my own power.


Since performing intense shadow-work, I have: 

-Uncovered the root causes of my issues

-Discovered what triggers me and why

-Understood how my coping mechanisms were instant gratification for an issue that needed to be healed

-Healed and broken out of generational traumas

And in doing so, I have been able to turn my life around.

I am now dedicated to taking everything I learned on my journey, and everything new I learn each day, and empowering others to do the same. I have the gift of being able to paint a mental picture of a concept, in a way that is unique to the individual I am speaking with. My service is not a "1 size fits all", but a "made to order" experience that is unique to each person. 

I am dedicated to helping all of my clients unlock their full potential!

WHY: "food 4 thought"

Food For Thought   idiom / noun phrase
: this metaphoric phrase, transfers the idea of digestion from the stomach to mulling something over in the mind. Something that warrants serious consideration, an idea or issue to ponder.

I would often find myself reflecting on conversations, as I mentally digest the topic that was discussed. I realized I had thoughts that I could share with others, that would give them "food for thought" as they went about their day. And thus my YouTube channel was born:

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