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Do you have a dream you've been chasing, but can't quite achieve?

Do you have a goal you've set, but can't quite seem to reach?

Do you find yourself feeling like you're capable of more?

Do you have trouble setting boundaries and saying no?

Do you know what all of the above have in common?


The Bad News:

YOU are the one thing preventing yourself from achieving your dream or reaching your goal. Through self-sabotage and a lack of self-awareness, we create an endless cycle of repetition, making the same mistakes over and over, until we learn the lesson intended for us. 

Image by John Salvino
Image by Basil James

The Good News:

You CAN achieve any dream or goal you set your mind to.

The power to create the life you have always wanted to live, is within YOU

The Great News:

In the next 3 months, I can empower you to mentally shift into success, fulfillment, and achieving the goal you set. Anything is possible, so what are you waiting for?

  • Recurring Monthly

    Every month
    (1 Month at a time - 4 Weekly Sessions)
    • Set a Goal
    • Review Habits
    • Self Empowerment
  • Level-Up Package

    (3 Months - 12 Weekly Sessions)
    Valid for 14 weeks
    • Set a Goal
    • Self Awareness Development
    • Guided Meditations + Mudras
    • Action Items + Weekly Checkpoints
  • Best Value

    Elite Package

    (12 months - 48 Weekly sessions)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Everything from 3mo Level-Up Package +
    • Set Multiple Goals
    • Text Support Available
    • Complete Lifestyle Shift
    • Roadmap with Checkpoints
    • Ability to Shift Out of Self-Sabotaging
    • 1 Vip Day Included

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