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M3. Meditation, mudras & Mindset


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This weekly call is a private community comprised of healers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in self-development. 


Time  7-8pm pacific

Day  Every Monday

Loc  Virtual

M3 2.0

begins 5.3.24

Time  2:30-3:30pm Eastern

Day  Every friday

Loc  Virtual

  • M3 Trial

    First 2 Sessions - Complimentary
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Come see if this group is for you, no strings attached!
  • M3 (Monthly)

    Every month
    • Access to the weekly sessions
  • M3 (3 month)

    Every 3 months
    Save $24 per quarter
    • Access to the weekly sessions
  • M3 (1 Year)

    Every year
    Save $127 per year
    • Access to the weekly sessions
  • M3 12 Session Bundle

    Attend any 12 Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to any 12 weekly sessions M3 or M3 2.0
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Our weekly calls consist of:...

  • Meditation - Guided Meditation Every week

  • Mudras - symbolic gestures or hand seals that support meditations as well as providing physical benefits
  • Mindset - Support, tips and accountability regarding a positive and growth mindset
  • Grounding - to build the practice of bringing yourself present

  • Networking - Meet other like minded entrepreneurs, healers, leaders in self-development, and decent human beings.

  • Accountability - check in on your daily habits to build consistency 

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