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Meal Plans (Packages)

WHAT: "Food 4 Thought" sessions, are a unique coaching experience.​ We will meet at an establishment of your choice, to share a meal and have our session in person. 

HOW MUCH: You will be asked to pay for the Single Serving rate ($167), or this can be scheduled as one of your sessions as part of the Meal Plan package. In additional to that rate, I also ask that you cover the cost of the entire meal. 

WHERE: YOU get to choose the establishment. It can be fast food, a restaurant, or a fine dining experience. Whatever you are craving and comfortable with!

*Please note, that for any of the sessions or packages below, you have the option to opt for a "Food 4 Thought" session.

What is a "Food 4 Thought" Session?

"Single Serving"
1 Session

Situational feedback/coaching for a specific circumstance

If you're sporadic and would like to connect for advice and coaching whenever you feel the need, you can schedule 1 time appointments on an "as needed" basis. 

With 1 time sessions, you can explain the situation or circumstance and I can provide feedback and coaching for that specific scenario.

  • Active listening to understand the context of the situation

  • Non-biased feedback from a 3rd party perspective

  • A non-sugar coated response on either:

    • How to proceed

    • What can be done or changed about the situation

    • How to shift perspective

"Value Meal"
4 sessions / 1 month

Goal Setting

If you have a specific goal in mind, and would like weekly check ins, and advice toward achieving that goal, you can enroll into a 1 month commitment for 4 weekly sessions. 

With a 1 month commitment, my intention will be to set you on the right path toward whatever goal you set for yourself.

  • We can create a roadmap with 4 tangible goals and checkpoints each week.

  • We can begin to explore what habits are holding you back, and what patterns serve you well.

"Super Size Me"
12 sessions/3 months

Lifestyle Shift Coaching

If you are fully dedicated and committed toward unlocking your full potential, lets commit to 12 sessions over a 3 month period.

With a 3 month commitment we will be able to work toward a complete lifestyle upgrade. By changing daily and weekly habits, the results will have a compound effect in all areas of your life. This will fast track you towards any goals you have.

  • Establish a roadmap with check points toward your goals.

  • Work toward breaking bad habits, and forming healthy new habits.

  • Examine where you are self-sabotaging.

  • Bring self awareness to patterns with the way that you subconsciously act and react to specific events and triggers.

  • Create tangible results toward your goals!

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